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1:35 AM Hawaiian time

After spending the past four hours and a bottle of organic red wine (I’m learning a new skill) on the phone with all my best friends scattered all over the continents, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t hate humanity as a whole, I just hate society. So this is the dream.

Universe, this is all I want from you. I want a house somewhere, with a lush, dark garden overlooking the ocean at night. I want a patio strung with fairy lights and all my favorite people gathered around. I want us all to wear our favorite clothes. Silky dresses, flowy halternecks. Organic red wine (now that I’m into it), a nice meal, conversations that seamlessly flows into a million different topics but always rooted in truth. And when we’re drunk enough we can play the most magical, truthful records and dance, dance, dance. Silliness encouraged. I miss laughter. I miss the people who give life meaning. I miss the people who I wish I knew, but probably couldn’t hold a candle to the ones I actually do. And I’m too fucking tired to start all over again. I want the garden. I want the dream.


  1. Log cabin in the woods for me but we could hang out. Although I do look gender norm shatteringly gorgeous in a silky halterneck.

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