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Journey home.

In December I took a much-needed trip to Norway to see my family and friends. It was so grounding to be around people who have known me pretty much my whole life, and only want the best for me. Christmas at my parents house is magical. It’s a cozy red house in the forest atop a valley overlooking our town (pop. 5000) with a river running through it. All that was missing was the snow, but it was still felt plenty like Christmas.

Then on New Years Eve, because of unceremonious airline schedules, I flew to Los Angeles for a 1 night layover before my final destination at home in Hawaii. Exiting LAX at 10 pm, I checked into an anonymous airport hotel, took an unsatisfying bath, and crawled into bed as invisible fireworks started exploding all over the corners of the city.

I awoke with the sunrise and a billboard outside reminded me to watch Beasts of No Nations – thanks, Hollywood. Checking-in on a Hawaii-bound flight has to be one of life’s singular pleasures. I caught the 10 am Hawaiian Airlines non-stop to Honolulu. I felt a stir in my heart that has been dormant for quite some time – I was excited to be at an airport, I was excited to travel. Not even the 30 minutes line at Starbucks by the gate could kill my buzz. 2016 felt fresh and exciting – a whole year of opportunity. For someone whose default mode has been mildly depressed and stagnant for the past few years, I felt like I finally saw the world in color again. Clear skies and tropical flowers lined the way home.


My beautiful husband greeted me at the img_4139airport and we spent 10 glorious days exploring our island and making plans for the future. Letting go of old dreams while reaffirming others – it feels nice to have a road map, at last, after so much wavering on my part. Little BunBun proving once and for all that he is a proper Hawaii-bun. Then my dear, dear friend Cassandra flew in for a visit. My fellow globetrotter, gorgeous and smart, we have explored 3 continents together; from living in a studio apartment in Beverly Hills, trips to Mexico, New Orleans, Toronto, London, Madrid, Casablanca and volunteering together in Uganda, Africa. I hadn’t seen her in person in 4,5 years but our conversation picked right back up like it was last week. Then I took her to all my favorite spots on Oahu and she treated me to champagne lunches and enough laughs to last the rest of the year.

I feel motivated. I feel happy. I feel home. How extraordinary.

I know emotions are like waves, highs and lows, and a peak like this won’t last forever, maybe not even till next month. But it’s nice to have a record of it, and photos, too. Hello, dear reader. I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late, struggling to find something worthwhile to say. There is almost too much to say in this world run by chaos and confusion. How do you cut through the noise? How do you know what’s important? I think I needed to find my calm island, mentally and with my feet. I hope you found yours, too, at least for the time being. I’m glad you’re still here.



  1. Spirit Sorbet says

    Lovely piece as always. I can relate. I am from The Netherlands but also adore my Hawaii. Home looks adorable and the Islands look as though they are washing away last year and bringing in everything fresh

      • Spirit Sorbet says

        I’ve been visiting the Islands since 2000. I am the author of the Little Books of Aloha ~ you may have seen over the years ?

      • Spirit Sorbet says

        Just tried to reply … don’t think it worked. I have visited since 2000. I’m the author of the A Little Book of Aloha series.

  2. I can relate to the ebb and tide of emotions… this was a lovely and thoughtful post, I’m glad to have read it.

    • Thank you. My life made a lot more sense after I learned to compare emotions and events to waves. I still get caught up in them occasionally though :)

  3. Hey Joey ride that upbeat wave as long as you can and make sure along the way you put the right stones in place to have solid footing when the wave has passed. Stay positive and Savour the splendor indeed! Happy New Year to you!

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