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Lorde: A welcome voice for a rising generation

You should probably listen to the song above first so that we’re on the same page in this post. I’m sure you’ve heard songs from Lorde by now. I’m very late to this party. I purposely put off listening to her album because  knew I would love it and I’m still so wrapped up in my Lana Del Rey love affair. But damn, this teenager has depth and talent. Her music and lyrics are so evoking that my filmmaker mind is working overtime trying to think of ways to bring these emotions to life. It’s exactly what really, really good music is supposed to do. To me, anyway. I think each generation has something new to say and finds ways to express it. It’s a little mind-boggling that I’m no longer part of the ‘newest’ generation. So like all old farts I naturally think the younger generation is frivolous and tuned into all the wrong things. Like cellphones and bottom of the barrel celebrities. Gah. Because I was so worldly and confident at sixteen, right? …