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The beginning is near

TheBeginningisNearThis is such a fantastic picture – it really stirs the imagination and I’m obsessed with it. I love the idea of leaving behind the rubble and reaching for the stars. Very fitting sustainability wise, too. Is this the beginning or are we still in the dark ages of true human potential?

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  1. svjohn says

    I definitely believe we as human beings are capable and have the potential for achieving a much healthier, happier, fair and balanced state of living. However, I also strongly think it is unlikely we will ever have COMPLETE peace and calm being that natural forces such as dark energy (equating to dark desires) exist as a part of the very fabric of our reality. But I am optimistic in the sense that many of us, as sentient, conscious beings, consciously strive for doing good, improving and bettering ourselves daily and working to advance the forces of light, and that gives me hope that things can, and will, eventually lead us to brighter places. So long as we believe it, we can achieve it. But not without struggle, sacrifice, persistence and action. Here’s to moving forward, onwards and upwards! Peace & aloha.

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