Author: honeythatsok

stories we tell ourselves

I don’t know how to write anymore. I’ve been trying to reboot this blog for over a year, and I find I just can’t because I don’t know how to write anymore. What even is writing? Everything I try is either too self-pitying or too self-aggrandizing. Opinions are too narrow and never informed enough. What is truth? What is self? I don’t want this to be my self. I don’t like this self, sometimes. Is changing myself the same is changing the truth? Maybe truth and the self is irrelevant. The self is always changeable. So, who do I want to be then?

Island life

Greetings from balmy Hawaii. It’s been almost a year since I logged into this blog. It’s amazing to see that, while I was gone, honeythatsok lived on and averaged 30 views a day. It’s almost like a ghost story – past versions of my thoughts taking a stroll through other people’s present brain. I think that’s why I never got around to publishing a book. I suffer from commitment phobia. I can’t stand the idea of permanence, especially within myself. A book is forever and it will be flawed, like me. I played with the idea of writing a memoir. I wanted to call it ‘Untethered; life in the age of extinction’. I still might. It’s just pretentious enough for me, while also at the same time kind of sounding like a Transformers movie. This is a very imperfect blog. I started it after I had earned my master’s degree in sustainability but before I really knew anything about what sustainability means. My terms and labels are all over the place. There are unfinished ideas …