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Roman nobility: Style favorite spring/summer 2013

My style this spring is heavily influenced by Spartacus the TV show that just ended. (Get it on DVD, it’s amazing, I’m obsessed, etc.) It really intensified when I realized they are selling off all the actual costumes on eBay right now, auctions starting at $25! Oh, why do I have to be broke, why, why. It’s actually a relief when the dresses go over $400 because then it’s like, oh well, I couldn’t do that to my bank account anyway. Although, considering that the costumes are one of a kind original designs, the prices they are going for is actually dirt cheap. But lack of funds doesn’t stop me from spending way too much time looking at all the pretty and scouring the internet for similar styles. First, let’s take a look at the originals.

Books, websites and media for understanding human trafficking

I got a nice comment asking if I could share some literature on human trafficking, which I’m very happy to do! I think one of the first thing I had to wrap my head around going into this research is that slavery is an economic crime rather than crimes of cruelty and malice. It is difficult to understand because one of the first questions you want to ask is ‘what kind of person could do this to another human being?’ Sure, there are sadists out there but for the most part taking advantage of people in desperate situations is an act by equally desperate people with their own sets of problems and priorities. It is a systemic problem created by inequality among people. This TED video is a good introduction about what we know about slavery today. In this moving yet pragmatic talk, Kevin Bales explains the business of modern slavery, a multibillion-dollar economy that underpins some of the worst industries on earth. He shares stats and personal stories from his on-the-ground research – and …

My favorite painter: Charmaine Olivia

I just bought Violet! I’m so excited – my very first non-commercial art acquisition. This painting is part of Charmaine Olivia’s new collection called Muses and the exhibition was held in San Fransisco earlier this month. Unfortunately I was not able to attend but Charmaine now offers limited edition prints on her website for worldwide fans.