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Roman nobility: Style favorite spring/summer 2013

My style this spring is heavily influenced by Spartacus the TV show that just ended. (Get it on DVD, it’s amazing, I’m obsessed, etc.) It really intensified when I realized they are selling off all the actual costumes on eBay right now, auctions starting at $25! Oh, why do I have to be broke, why, why. It’s actually a relief when the dresses go over $400 because then it’s like, oh well, I couldn’t do that to my bank account anyway. Although, considering that the costumes are one of a kind original designs, the prices they are going for is actually dirt cheap. But lack of funds doesn’t stop me from spending way too much time looking at all the pretty and scouring the internet for similar styles. First, let’s take a look at the originals.

14347472 14347473 14157233 14157234 14325500 14325501 14344004 14344006

These necklines are so perfect, delicate and just gorgeous. I can’t find a single modern dress that matches the craftsmanship of these and it’s just really sad. The gathering of fabric at the waist is flawless, too. Most of these went for $600. If these were from a contemporary designer and made in China, they would probably be around $5000+. Insane. I would wear any of these as my wedding dress. I hope whoever bought these wears them proudly.

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These are the rebel/slaves dresses. The main reason I’m in love with this show is how absolutely gorgeous it made all the girls look, whether they were slaves dressed in ‘rags’ or Roman nobility. Sybil’s dress was my favorite:

1434304314104639 14104640

The most popular costumes were the warriors on Spartacus’ side. Most of them went for over $4000. It’s not hard to see why. You’d be pretty much guaranteed best dressed at any Halloween party in the world. Saxa is my fave warrior! Fierce Germanic queen.


I’m not going to lie – it’s a let-down to go from amazing one of a kind dresses and back to contemporary offerings. Still, I found a couple that made my heart beat a little bit faster and discovered two new American designers in the process! I love love love buying from small scale designers that offer unique pieces that are domestically (US) made. The extra $100 in price for original design, high quality fabrics and knowing that you are not supporting underpaid labor is well worth it in my opinion.



I am already in love with this dress from Utah based designers Uintah. Really small four piece summer collections but to make up for it each piece is gorgeous! I want them all and I’m loving the different prints/color for each.


surfb3001148394_q1_1-1_336x596surfb3001148396_p4_1-0_254x500  Untitled13-372x500Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 12.11.22 PM

There is something very Roman about this gauze dress from Surf Bazaar. Apparently Surf Bazaar is a small shop/clothing line based in Montauk, NY (!) and is inspired by the beach. It’s definitely inspiring me and I’m already looking for the perfect Greek sandals to match.

Finally, if your budget looks more like mine right now I did find some cheap offerings from China. I’ve ordered a few things off eBay from China before and I’ve always been underwhelmed by the quality. Although the less than $30 price tag is tempting it is always a gamble whether or not you can actually wear it, and even if you can, I never get that ohmygod I’m in love with this dress feeling. And knowing what I know about Chinese salaries and working conditions I would say rightly so. Click on the image to be taken to eBay.

W-NDR9  D238-pink12_zpsaee658a8$T2eC16R,!zcE9s4g3JJwBRS8WIut+w~~60_3

In conclusion, all I know is that I’m left with an overwhelming desire to go to design school now so I can learn to make the Spartacus dresses myself. What do you think of this revived two millennium old style? And which price class do you usually buy your clothes from? Are you ever curious about the person who actually made it?

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