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How to shop for clothes you will love. Any budget! (A guide to fabrics)

Most of us are very experienced in shopping for clothes, but few of us really know what to look for in the clothes we buy outside of fashion and trends. Through trial and error, countless disappointments and wasted money, I have come up with this handy guide to ensure you will always be buying quality clothes – no matter what your budget is. As a disclaimer, I have no background in the garment industry. These are simply lessons learned by a consumer who is tired of being sold junk. The three words to remember are: fabric, cut, and craftsmanship. Cut, which determines how the garment will fit, is very important. Too tight or too loose is never flattering. For women, you want your t-shirts to barely skim the body, to look soft and comfortable, yet flatter your curves. You want your expensive silk shirts to be loose and work appropriate, but still have a sense of femininity so you can feel confident and attractive. Same goes for men, if we can see the outline of …

Roman nobility: Style favorite spring/summer 2013

My style this spring is heavily influenced by Spartacus the TV show that just ended. (Get it on DVD, it’s amazing, I’m obsessed, etc.) It really intensified when I realized they are selling off all the actual costumes on eBay right now, auctions starting at $25! Oh, why do I have to be broke, why, why. It’s actually a relief when the dresses go over $400 because then it’s like, oh well, I couldn’t do that to my bank account anyway. Although, considering that the costumes are one of a kind original designs, the prices they are going for is actually dirt cheap. But lack of funds doesn’t stop me from spending way too much time looking at all the pretty and scouring the internet for similar styles. First, let’s take a look at the originals.