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Noun: Sanity (good sense, soundness of judgment or reason)

syria_mapI was too young to really understand all the variables leading up to the Iraq invasion in 2003, but in 2013 I don’t have that excuse. I believe that Syria is our generation’s Vietnam war, and now is the time to decide what side of history you want to stand on. Only this time, the repercussions are truly global.

On one hand you have “western” proxy governments ruled by a handful of multinational corporations that profit from war, environmental catastrophes and keeping the global workforce in poverty. Add to that a bloated military that costs over $600 billion a year and suddenly the need for perpetual war doesn’t seem so far-fetched. And the most incredulous part? This is still considered by most to be the “right” side. Because it is the side backed by media and the people in power.

I could write a whole dissertation on why humans apparently crave hierarchies and why we see to have an almost worship-like mentality towards those who mange to climb to the top. Most herd or pack animals function in the same way so it’s probably genetic, but it can’t be denied that humans crave father figures, someone who is ultimately in control, when life can be so very unpredictable. So while we may not always like our rulers, it is very comforting that someone is there to look after us. I mean, what other explanation can there be? USA is arguably one of the most educated countries there ever was, and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that speaks to the fact that no one is charge has anyone’s interest in mind but their own destructive agenda, yet hundred of millions of Americans will fervently argue otherwise. The fact that their democracy has been hijacked is unthinkable because no one in charge or on TV has told them so. They have even managed to convince us that we deserve to be paid $7.25 an hour when companies profit billions and billions a year from our hard work.

Anyone who says otherwise is instantly labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, which is really just a fancy word for ‘nutjob’. (Noun: nutjob: A person of inadequate sanity or lacking normal perceptions of reality; Adjective: normal: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.)

I just find it so interesting that pretty much every single person labeled ‘conspiracy theorist’, either publicly in the media or just by friends, is almost always a person who value peace and truth above all. No one is saying the world will ever be perfect, but it can probably be better than it is right now. Some say doing the same thing over and over while expecting different result is the definition of crazy. Well, I say the definition of crazy is to bomb entire cities, countries and people, and then expect peace.

This other side, call it what you will, consists of people who have mostly nothing to gain by their resistance to those in power. Most of us still lead pretty comfortable lives, yet our concern is mainly for those who don’t. Those millions of people trapped in war zones, the over twenty million refugees worldwide, and the future generations who, if we continue on this path, will have to grow up in a world full of violence and an environment so depleted it will not be able to support them.

Do you want to know make me absolutely certain I am on the right side of history? Because I don’t even have children, and given the present condition of humanity I am not sure I ever will, yet I am more concerned about the future of this planet than any person in power. As much as I love to travel, I am willing to accept even higher airfares as we wean ourselves off cheap oil. I welcome the idea of having to grow my own vegetables rather than having to buy everything flown in from half across the world. That’s not capitalism to me – that’s idiocy. Sustainability ultimately means to look inwards, the opposite of globalism. Look towards your community and what you can do for it to thrive and it in turn will take care of you. It means focusing on the small pleasures that truly give life meaning, which tends to be the opposite of materialism. Globalism has failed, but it did teach us a very important thing. Even though we are geographically far apart, we can still stay connected and care about each other.

But back to Syria. Right now the world’s opinion is against the USA. The only way the military can engage in Syria is through lies, deceit, and this is important, our approval. If the public opinion cries out loud enough maybe we can halt this operation that, let’s not kid ourselves, has been in the work for years and years. It is not for your ‘freedom’, it is not for anyone’s freedom. War never has, and never will, bring freedom. It does bring, however, traumatized people, broken people and vengeful people. Vengeful people who will start new wars.

I think the path to freedom begins with knowledge. Once you know the players and the end games, you can begin to take a stand. This kind of empowerment cannot be given to you by the same people who benefit from your ignorance.

Check out this video for more information:

Jon Rappoport’s Blog: Why do they try so hard to end our freedom?

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  1. svjohn says

    dayum yo! real talk, real SENSE!! i mean, people, look, if you’re reallly happy and content with the way things ARE now, then by all means keep going with that. BUT! if you feel like things could (and should!) be better, then START by opening your Self up to new (and different) ideas & viewpoints. at least LISTEN and (even better!) then CONSIDER someone else’s perspective (and i/he/she will do the same for you!) before shutting the door on them completely. you’ll expand your knowledge base (get smarter!) and grow (be cooler!) without even breaking a sweat! question stuff more! including YOURSELF! try a NEW way of doing things, thinking or seeing things, you never know, it might just CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better! it’s not a guarantee of course, but who knows?! it might! but, if you NEVER try, then there’s NO WAY it’ll ever happen, that is guaranteed. i think if we all just do a little bit more of this “open-mind” and “questioning” thing, we may very well stop (or at least DRASTICALLY reduce) all this ridiculous and needless suffering, war, hate and killing going on in our world today…or you know, restore sanity.

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