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Get some real news on YouTube

Here’s a little secret. I, devout film and TV show follower, haven’t owned or really watched TV since 2004. As much as I love movies and stories, I really really can’t stand what TV has become. Reality shows are stupid, the news are Orwellian brainwashing tools (“War will bring peace, etc, etc”) and commercials are the biggest waste of human potential. They’re not even trying to sell us stuff anymore; they just assume we are already so stupid that we will jump up and buy whatever junk they put in front of us because they make it shiny and it’s on TV. Not that anyone has money to buy anything outside necessities these days anyway, so I guess now commercials are mainly there for tradition’s sake.

Luckily, none of this matters because YouTube has made it possible to evolve beyond TV. First off, if you haven’t done so already, install AdBlock. It will allow you watch YouTube uninterrupted and also block most ads and popups all over the internet. Sites will load faster, look cleaner and frankly I don’t know how anyone survives without it. It’s the first thing I install whenever someone lets me near their computer.

Corporate owned media, which is most TV channels, newspapers and radio, are not in the business of providing you with news. They are in the business of shaping your worldview in such a way so that they can continue to make profits off you. Keep the population calm and sedated while they pull strings behind the curtains, and when tempers do flare, it’s their job to direct that anger towards causes that won’t disrupt or interfere with the status quo, but rather serve to keep the population bickering among themselves. Mixing morality with religion and politics is always a sure crowd-pleaser (birth control! abortion! poor people are lazy?), scumbag politicians that are paid to distract making despicable comments can fill hours of debate every week, and if all else fails, nothing evokes more public passion than a racially loaded criminal trial like OJ Simpson and Trayvon Martin.


My very favorite thing about the mainstream media is their innocence. Every day brand new things happen! They are always shocked by this so I can only conclude that they wake up every day with amnesia. No headline is ever connected with a previous headline and putting things into historical context is a burden they simply cannot be held responsible for.

Thus, we are constantly bombarded with ‘news’ that only serves to clutter our brains, rather than inform and educate. Because, if you hadn’t realized by now, an educated populace is the enemy of the corpocracy.

The only way to combat this is to turn the TV off. YouTube is all you need for news. Here is my personal playlist for some hard hitting truth about the state of the world.

Breaking the Set is a daily 30 minutes show hosted by Abby Martin. Abby is a very passionate social activist and her passion is obviously the driving force behind this show. It airs Mon-Fri on RT (Russia Today) and a lot of people use this to undermine her integrity as a reporter but as she put it,  it says a lot more about the current climate in the United States that she can only host her show about American politics on a Russian news organization. Abby brings on guests that otherwise would get little to none media attention, and while the seriousness of her subjects, like political corruption, environmental destruction and dwindling human rights, she also tries to use that feeling of despair as a call to action. I also like that she doesn’t come across as a groomed media robot but infuses the show with personality. A+ for Abby.

Dennis Trainor Jr of AcronymTV is an independent journalist who covered a lot of the Occupy Wall St movement and can now be found daily on YouTube for a ~10 minutes  update on the insanity of the corporate world and the state of the resistance. His knowledge of power also translate into anger-fueled rants but don’t let that deter you because there is a lot of information to be found here. He also features other independent journalists and reporters covering the side of media you will never find on TV.

I’ve posted about StormCloudsGathering before and I still love this channel. SCG, or Collapse Updates, is a fact based narrative of the undercurrents of modern politics, owned and ruled by the 1% (or elite, or central bankers, or corpocracy, pick your favorite label.) The activist behind this channel is led by the nonviolence principle and advocates de-centralization so that people may live free in their local communities. I think the video above is the best manual for how to proceed from here unless we are to simply accept the limited way of work-to-live-live-to-work life currently offered to us by the corporations. Even if you think your life is pretty ok right now and you don’t want to rock the boat, we can never forget that this battle isn’t just about our lifestyle. These corporations are also very busy destroying the environment and plundering the earth, therefore undermining the ability for all life forms in the future. You can’t sit this one out.

If you are after some kind of insight into the global economy I want to introduce you to Dave. I don’t know anything about Dave other than his name and that he has a very soothing voice while bringing us pretty terrifying news about the upcoming collapse of the dollar. Of course, I don’t believe anyone actually has complete insight into the future but the narrative that Dave paints makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than what I hear on the so-called ‘news’. If you are cleaning or doing boring chores around the house, I highly recommend Dave’s 45 minutes radio talk shows.

I hope you found this list helpful. What is your best way of getting legitimate news these days? Do you have a favorite YouTube channel? Please share in the comments!


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  2. For our children says

    I would also recommend hosted by an ex main steam reporter named Greg Hunter, some of his interviews are really insightful.
    Also The Trends Journal hosted by Gerald Celente. This guy really does say it how he sees it!
    Finally and by no means least The Blaze. What I like about this channel is how the host walks you through the current affair on topic. All three of these are Youtube channels – be aware though, real news is 90% political and financial, you want find an hours spread on what Kim Kardashian ordered at a restaurant last night – you’ll have to go to the “real” news for that!

  3. Sam John says

    Precisely why it is SO important and absolutely VITAL to check out other sources of news/information, because only 6 companies doling out stories is not nearly enough to shed proper perspective on the sheer volume of happenings around the world today, especially when those same 6 companies have their own set of distinctly unique and self-preserving motives, gains and interests serving as the primary driving force behind each and every decision they make and action they take.

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