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I propose the following ground rules for intelligent debate:

cliff1) Earth is the only home we are going to have in the foreseeable future so we have to care for it as such. When the question is “profit or planet?” the planet should always win. How many people do you know that are constantly destroying and selling off parts of their house to make some money? The logical outcome is that eventually they end up with no home and some money, so I guess they would buy a new home when they are done. But remember, we have no second planet.

2) Humans and all living things need air, water and food to survive. Therefore, making sure those are healthy is our number one priority. You will not be able to eat money after your food has given you cancer, your drinking water is toxic, and once we run out of clean air, well, you’re dead in three minutes or less.

3) Aside from shooting things into outer space, there is no “away”. Garbage and waste will eventually find its way back to you in one form or another, so let’s do away with that myth right now. Close our waste loops – in nature there is no such thing as waste. Dead things are used to nourish new life. (I read that human bodies are now classified as “toxic” so rather than decompose into soil nutrients, we pollute it instead. Scary stuff.)

4) You can’t decide what to do with anyone’s body other than your own. You are not the king of everything. If I have to respect your choice to trash my planet by buying planned obsolesce junk made by slaves in faraway lands, support animal cruelty by eating junk food (at least this one will come back to bite you in the ass because diseased and cancerous meat = disease and cancer in humans), and the theft of natural resources that belong to everyone but are now only used to make the rich even richer, then the least you can do is respect my sovereignty over my own body. The hardest thing to do in life is live and let live, but it’s the only path to sanity.


  1. svjohn says

    I second the proposal and motion for its immediate approval and adoption! Love real talk like this, especially when its for the betterment of everything that truly matters! Heres to continuing on strong, fighting the good fight :D

  2. svjohn says

    I second the proposal and motion for approval! Love real talk like this, especially for the betterment of everything that truly matters!! Keep on writing for the good yo :D

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