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What does freedom mean to you?

Perfect timing for this TED talk! I think one of my favorite things about living in Hawaii for three years is the acute sense of transience and how it’s changed my views on possessions. There is only one way off this island – by plane – and each suitcase cost anything between $25-50 to transport. I have made a conscious choice to limit my possessions to two suitcases.

Like most girls, I love fashion and clothes but the big change that I made is that I started selling off clothes and other items that I *didn’t* love. In two years I have made almost $4,000 on eBay selling over 100 pieces from my closet, and the scariest part is that I don’t remember a single one of them. For the money I renewed my wardrobe and I actually love every piece in it now. I like clothes because it’s wearable art to reflect or enhance your personality (you have to wear it anyway, so why not wear something that makes you happy.)

When you make a rule that you actually have to love every single thing you own, you become much more picky, which leads to saving more money, which is important because, let’s face it, true freedom cost a pretty penny in this society.

Now I’m going to take my laptop and head outside in the bright Hawaiian sunshine to work on my screenplay. At 1pm on a Thursday. That’s what freedom means to me right now.

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